Paper Landscapes

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Paper Landscapes




This is a design piece, which started from simply cutting pieces of paper into through the middle, but allowing it to remain intact. There is in fact no use of gule or any sort of adhesive and the colour of the paper is left in its orginal state. When unfolded, it reverts back to the original shape of the card.

Conceptually, it is a slightly complicated work. It  is based on a theme- The Unreadable Book, a design idea. When the pieces are collapsed, it forms a “puzzle book”, with a complicated binding. My interpretation of “Book” was the image of a book which produce three dimensional images, similar to poetry. These “images” also subjective, allowing space for interpretation that is not confined to the artist own concept.

Through my process, I found certain simlarities between my actions and those of man on the environment. It relvoves around the idea where we take what Mther Nature has given to us and change it to suit our needs and wants and when we are “done” with it, we return it in an irreversible state, useless and void , remnants and a shape totally deformed.

There are numerous possiblities to present this work. The first being in the one in the exhibition, another, the work will be hung from the ceiling and the last allowing the audince to interact with the work, placing it in which ever way he or she prefers. Each mode of presentation has its reasons relating to my interpretation.

Exhibited in 8Q Singapore

Singapore Art Museum, 8 Queen Street


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