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30cm X 17cm
Mixed Medium
In this piece, I was experimenting on the concept of frame transition, just like a flipbook animation
This piece of art was made to represent different types of meanings to different viewers, thus the title imagination.
In my eyes, I have 2 different ways of interpreting my work. Take note that this 2 pictures both contribute to the same meaning and the same concept and is taken as one artwork.
My first interpretation is, this is the lifestyle of two different people, birth to death. The one on the right shows a wild lifestyle, a person who is not brought up on the right values and who is not given the love and attention he or she needs.
The reverse side shows the total opposite, a person who is brought up with the values and given love and affection, but not spoilt.
The second interpretation the connections of fantasy elements fire, water, wind, fire, nature, ice, light and darkness.


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