Transformation and transition of space

This is a video that really inspired me to do my art, questioning the thing that we so often take for granted – Space.

It is rather amazing what happens when one is forced to adapt to the space, especially when the space is so small. This led me to question something that is very important in art. Space, to all artists, is critical for artworks. Everything occupies space and it is all around us. In my work, I will hope to demonstrate the questioning of the public and private spaces around us and seeking to present it in a manner that allows audiences to “participate” and “be the negative space”. I am also exploring the concept of spatial dividers relating to interior design. This would include lighting and other aspects of the general utilization of the space that is given.

I chose this theme as it is of personal interest – exploring things that are usually beyond us and taken for granted. Furthermore, i have realized that many of my works deal with space and space have a great impact my art. To me, it makes or breaks a work of art and it usually uncontrollable as it is in the hand of the curators. Thus, I want to make the uncontrolled, controlled and do it as much as I can, so that the space becomes a work of art rather than just an object within the space.

Over the course of the next few months i will be working on a project regarding space for my studies in the arts and hopefully in a few months time I will be able to put some of my sculptures, drawings, etc. up on the page. However, as most artist would know, projects are very volatile and it is not definite that it will end as I have planned it to end.


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