Future Sight

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Future Sight
50cm x 50cm x 240cm

This was a project inspired by the theme Form. The only other requirement was that the final piece had to be something larger than oneself.

No rigorous planning or measurement went into the execution of the sculpture. In many ways, I just let the sculpture flow and take shape. It started from a small “box” mad of plywood, roughly 40cm by 40cm then I just added pieces of plywood on and let it take shape to something that was more aesthetically interesting and unusual.

Many of my works in the past year were inspired by Magic: the Gathering “land cards” especially from the set called Ravinca. These lands portrayed cities and places of the underworld, places that every child or gamer would have a burning desire to explore. Thus my goal, from a young age, I desired to make fantasy into reality, or rather the 2-dimensional into something tangible, the 3-dimensional. This way, people would hopefully be able to be immersed into an unknown world or a world of their dreams. This particular work carries connotations to the concept of a marquette of a building in architecture, which gives the audience an all-round perspective of the “design” of a city in the making. However, the fantasy aspect comes from the fact that it is unlivable. Like many fantasy drawings, there are points whereby there is something that is just not right with the drawing and allows it to depart the realm of reality to that of the fantastical.

Exhibited in the School Of The Arts (SOTA) Singapore:
SOTA Art Showcase 2010
SOTA End-of-Year Showcase 2010
SOTA Open House 2011
SOTA Visual Arts Programme Brief


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