City in a Bottle: Island

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This is the first “bottle work” I ever made, and it only came after one or two years of viewing a similar exhibition at Singapore Art Museum 8 Queen Street (SAM 8Q). However, I forgot the exact name of the exhibition and the artist.

The difference is that i consider that the works I made are sketches in three-dimension rather than the usual two-dimensional. Through my practice and studies, I have realized that I always see things in three-dimensions rather than things on a flat surface such as paper. I usually envision things from all angles and immediately allow the “spontaneous juices” to flow in all my works. This way, people can experience a space, form, etc. from all angles an see it as a person looking from the outside and the way that I see it. Similar to my artworks, I hope to allow people to experience a space and be part of it, and in this way, these “sketches” could be marquettes for future pieces.

Somehow, these small pieces imbues a certain small joy and curiosity within the view and to myself. Maybe it is due to the idea of making something that is not tangible into something that we can grasp. Now, the challenge would be to make it into something that people can experience for themselves, very much similar to interior design and architecture, but more fantastical.

More of these pieces will be put up, some of which are lighted. Sizes range from 1cm in length/diameter and 4cm in height to 10cm in length/diameter and 15cm in height.


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