Red Dragonflies

A film by Liao Jiekai


An amazing film by Liao Jiekai who is part of SOTA’s Visual Arts and Media Facutly. An amazing part of this film and one of the most captivating aspect of this film is the use of the fourth dimension. time. Due to the ingenuitive utilization of the fourth dimension, there are many different interpretations that can be made about the film. It was made to give the illusion of many time lapses, jumping from the past to present, present to past, back and forth. But it still leaves us to question if that is so, for if it is a chronological film, it still would make sense.

Some might find it confusing, much like some of my friends and I, due to it sequences of the scenes and the places that they occur. But that is the most captivating aspect that brings one to love the film so much. The filmography was also extremely beautiful, with many techniques use that brought the film to life and allowed people to relate to it, similar to how we would view scenes not always as the big picture, but focusing on small details. It also drew me in as the audience and made me yearn for more.

The story is amazingly coherent and fluid. An amazing piece of work altogether!

13 Little Pictures:
Red Dragonflies website:


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