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One of three works that were actually finished during the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and a work that I am really proud of.

The final work features a triangular clock with a speaker placed at the back of it amplifying the sound that the inductors inside the clock picks up from the three separate mechanisms. It is also accompanied by a photographic manipulation of a clock taken at different angles and layer one on top of another. Similar to the work Old Man – Motion, this work was slightly inspired by Michael Wesley’s Open Shutter project, playing with the 4th dimension – time.

This piece aimed to emphasize time  as it was and how we are in the flow of it. It is an inescapable element of our lives even though it may have been possibly man made and not a definite numerical thing. Therefore, I portrayed it with only the second hand, emphasizing the movement and the flow of time, but leaving the two other hands which could be said to be “invented”. The sound that is heard further brings forth the notion of the constant passage and flow of time, so much so it can get to our head sometimes. I got the idea from the period before I sleep every night. As I sometimes fine great difficulty falling asleep, I start to take notice of things which are otherwise neglected in our hectic lifestyle, the simple ticking of a clock. Time has always fascinated me and by paying attention so closely to something so mundane as that, it drew out the concept of showing the flow and inevitability of time in my art.

I will be linking another work to this work which has a similar concept. It is also a time piece, but a media work that was done in school. In total, this work took 8 hours to conceive and create.


3 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Hey WK I really like your site, definitely gonna be reading it often 🙂 (K I was being a busybody). Anyway, I have a huge stack of interesting artist interviews that Mr. Liao photocopied for the media students and the first artist on the list is Olafur Eliasson! I think you might find many many things to inspire you there. If you want it I can lend it to you one day if we ever meet up!

    1. Hey sure! why not 🙂 see you sometime… maybe during the picnic with mr khiew if that happens… heard that things got blown up when you got sick or something?

  2. This is a very intriguing concept. I like how you’ve given the added aspect of sound, the ticking that some find so annoying but for others is the only reminder, between “asleep” and “awake”, of their existence. Well done in exploring the mundane and the role it plays, whether we are conscious of it (like you were) or not.

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