Work-In-Progress, Year 5, 2011

Hey everyone!

The exhibition is finally on and it’s running from 21 October 2011 to 4 November 2011!

It exhibits student’s works from SOTA’s Year 5 (pioneer) cohort. As the title suggest, works that are displayed are either completed works but part of a larger collection or still under development. All these works will finally be for the International Baccalaureate at the end of 2012!

You could say this is a sneak peak of what is to come…

So for those in Singapore, do come down to the visual arts gallery in SOTA, level 2 (address below and in previous posts)

School of the Arts Singapore
1 Zubir Said Drive
Singapore 227968

I shall be posting photos of the works displayed in the near future!


SOTA Student’s Show – Works-in-Progress

There will be a art show of works from SOTA students on the 21th October 2011!

All are welcomed!!!!!

There will be works of all mediums and type of art, from sculpture to painting to design concepts. Students will be there with their works if there are any questions or inquiries.

More information will be give this friday, 14 Oct 2011.

It will be held in School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA).
1 Zubir Said Drive (Map below)
Administration Office #05-01
Singapore 227968
Tel: +65 6338 9663 Fax: +65 6338 9763

SOTA Website

Works from the Small Sculpture Show – SOTA

Here are some of the photos of works from the people in my year who are currently exhibiting at the 2nd Small Sculpture Show:

Ng Jun Jie

“Weekend War” 2011

Wesley Tay

“What Is Seen”, 2011

Chan Wan Kyn

“_/_”, 2011

5 pieces of a Collection, 2010

More works and details at:

2nd Small Sculpture Show 2011

Sculpture Square’s 2nd Small Sculpture Show

Hey all!

There is a small sculpture exhibition going on now in Sculpture Square Singapore:

Address and Info:

155 Middle Road
Sculpture Square, Singapore 188977
6333 1055

About Small Sculpture Show

The Small Sculpture Show is dedicated to promoting small sculptures of any medium by Singapore or foreign sculptors and artists. Its theme is akin to the notion of “smallness of sculpture” – to introduce the more intimate scale of sculpture, contrary to the majority understanding of sculpture seen and perceived as large and commissioned public artworks.

This show aims to be a platform for the promotion of small sculpture / 3D work practices and works by both established and young artists, and to generate the appreciation and collect-ability of small sculpture for both public and art collectors alike.

The Small Sculpture Show is presented by Sculpture Square, supported by the National Arts Council and sponsored by Purple Sage and the Lee Foundation.

8 Oct – 30 Oct 2011

More information:

Some students from SOTA are exhibiting in this exhibition including Ng Jun Jie, Wesley Tay and I from the pioneer cohort of SOTA.

Works are for sale!

Do Visit!!!!