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This has been long overdue – the Harumika Design Exhibition 2009, 3 pieces that represented my group from SOTA.

These are the entries that my group submitted. Unfortunately, the last piece that had a “string/netting fabric” was not found on the day of the exhibition and thus not exhibited.

The first is a simple experimental dress design that was made using masking tape and newsprint. The masking tape was torn into narrow strips, creased and places in a spiral for the skirt of the dress. The top on the other hand, is made of “origami” newsprint, simple folding of pieces of newsprint into “geometrical patterns”.

The second is the one that was finally exhibited in the design exhibition. Instead of using the newsprint, my group decided on using the creased masking tape as the main material and design of the entire dress. The black and gold highlights brought out the elegance in the dress, giving it a more clash sophisticated feel.

The next also shows a dress made out of netting and pipe tape (used to seal leaking taps and pipes). The top is the purely made of the tape to make a strapped top, and the skirt is made out of the netting into a flared skirt. This overall is more like a playful sundress like piece.

Last but not least, the piece that I made personally, is a piece made out of an “origami skirt much like the first one, and a “glue-gun lined overdress”. It is a simpler, more playful dress, with slight highlights of black on the hem of the dress.


Blessed New Year!!!

Hey everyone! Wishing everyone a Blessed and Happy 2012!!!

I have been rather caught up in some things and projects so I couldn’t post much here. Hope that this year there’ll be some time for me to do some better posts and updates on the art scene in Singapore, especially in my school.

At the end of the year, I will be posting my series of works regarding “Space” (emptiness, not outer space) which is my final project for the International Baccalaureate. So something to look forward to. Hope that it will be up to standards as I make the final pieces over the first half of the year.

Once again hope everyone has a Blessed Arty New Year!!!