Tabula Rasa

Here is the promised photograph of my work being exhibited in i Light Marina Bay:


Write-up displayed at Marina Bay:

Representing SOTA is final-year student Chan Wan Kyn. His work, Tabula Rasa, explores the ability of light to visually divide spaces, affecting how a space is perceived.

See more at:

Installation: Chan Wan Kyn

A short summary of the concept and the processes:

This work seeks to use the projection of light as a metaphysical division of space, only being complete with the interaction between the audience and the space. The light will be symbolic of the flexibility any space, and how it can be manipulated yet not permanently affected, attempting to impress upon the audience how light, rather than solid constructs, can affect space and one’s perception of it. Light, although traversable and ephemeral, is at the same time a representation of how architecture limits human interaction. Similar to any wall, it is immovable, and audiences are subject to what has been given.

Many thanks to Storybox from New Zealand, PICO, Philips Lights and my teachers who have helped me through the exhibition.


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