Luminance Festival Singapore

Hi all,

Especially to artist in Singapore!

Introducing to everyone the inaugural festival that will be taking place at *SCAPE from 23 June 2012 to 1 July 2012!

During this period, the park will undergo a metamorphosis, becoming an at gallery “coloured by the imaginative creations of aspiring artists.” It will engage established artist to act as mentors, bringing both the aspiring and the experienced together in this unique festival. International aspiring youth artists will also be invited to participate and connect with the local artists, bringing an inter-cultural dimension this show and the community.

Theme – Dreams & Aspirations
“What are your aspirations, what do you long to express,
The person you want to be, the change you want to see
Tell us the rhythm of your heartbeat, the colour of your soul,
Let the dance of your dreams unravel in a million rainbows
Let your imagination run wild; throw all your fears away,
Let your vision, whatever it may be, be present, loud and bold
Let it take the form that it finds itself to be, here in Luminance! 2012

Those who are interest to participate, the details are on the website following:

Luminance! 2012

It is open to all artist, local and international. Those who have been shortlisted will also have a chance of being selected for the partner festival in Lyon, France, the Fete des Lumieres (December 2012).

Encouraging all to participate!!!


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