HIGHLIGHT: School Of The Arts Student Photography exhibition

Once again, School Of The Arts Singapore is holding an exhibition for photography of the students, from those in the school’s photography crew to any student that has captured the memories and the building of the school, the tangible and intangible.

Main photographers (SOTA Photography Crew):

Alina Sin

Lai Yu Tong

Rebecca Lee

Marcus Yee

Jo An Low

Shawna Chia

Milon Goh (Final Year)

Chong Lii (Final Year)

Lu Kejia (Final Year)

This exhibition will be open to the public starting today at 6.30pm and it will be opened for the next two weeks.


SOTA Gallery

20 April 2012 –  2 May 2012

12pm – 9 pm

School of the Arts Singapore
1 Zubir Said Drive
Singapore 227968

In the following few days, I will put up some of the photographs that have caught my attention and have successfully captured the essence of the school and the character of people. Hopefully, this will draw you guys to come to the visit the school for this exhibition and those that are to come! As much as you may say that you can see the photographs here, it is not the same. So please tai some time off to see this exhibition.


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