HIGHLIGHT: Highlights

Here are some of the many magnificent photographs featured at the exhibition HIGHLIGHT being held in the SOTA gallery!

Through The Door I, 2011

Cloud Gate, 2011

Carnivaller and Mimic Machine I

Carnivaller, 2011

Six Characters In Search Of An Author II, 2010

Coppelia (Act III), 2011

These are works from the trained eyes of Chong Lii, Milon Goh, Shawna Chia, Lu Kejia and Lai Yu Tong (in no particular order). Just a taster for all you photography enthusiast out there. Each of these photographs display our life in the arts, whether it be in performance or just soaking the artistic atmosphere the moments of our lives. Carnivaller and Mimic Machine are two piece captured during the theatre showcase written and directed by the pioneer cohort of the school. It aptly captured the essence of each performance and their respective thespians, showing a few of those breathtaking, truly magnificent moments that we experience in school.

Apart from the few shown, HIGHLIGHT has a rather diverse collection of other photographs demonstrating that demonstrate these photographers exceptional photography skills. These students take photographs for many exhibitions such as SOTA Open Houses, Art Festivals and other major school showcases and activities. This exhibition truly displays their many hours of passion and hard work to capture that perfect moment, the very essence of the moment and the soul of others expression.


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