In a Bottle: Perennial Night Flower

Another bottled work with an origami piece inside, the Chinese Vase. The name was simply derived from these crucial two years in my schooling life, thus the name “perennial”. This small piece was given to one of my design teachers at School Of The Arts, Singapore for her help in the installation of my work at i Light Marina Bay 2013. As much as it is a simple piece, I like want to bring to mind how simple “experimentation” and mediums can always create a beautiful piece.

Once again, I have used light as part of my work in order to draw focus to the simple origami inside, and also to give a certain edge in the darkness. To me, this blue flower glow brings to mind the winter solstice where fields of spring flowers, just peaking through the snow are bathed in the glow of the night sky. On hindsight, this piece represents a new start due to my dry spell prior to the light installation at i Light Marina Bay 2013 and serves as a reminder that there is beauty in simplicity.

Somehow, I have grown rather fond of pieces that involve both light and sensitivity to the medium that challenges my ability towards the material in terms of size and delicacy. The size of this bottle is roughly 3cm in height and in diameter.

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Hope that in the future I will be able to create more works with an even greater sensitivity to material and subject material. I also expect myself to get more intricate in the designs.

If anyone has any other suggestions as to what materials I could try and what subject matter I could put in, I would greatly welcome the suggestions!


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