SOTA Student Showcase – RHIZOME

Once again, another student showcase and a part of SOTA’s never ending string of exhibition in the gallery – RHIZOME! Opening last friday, this showcase features the works of the year 3 and 4 visual artists who are just acclimatizing to their specialisations – sculpture, painting, new media, ceramics and design concepts. Even so, most of their works carry a more sophisticated and delicate touch in comparison to their peers elsewhere, each work carrying an injection of personality by the aspiring artist who made it. Keep a lookout for the masterful ceramics pieces and mechanical sculptural works; they certainly caught my eye! Definitely worth any art-lovers time!

Exhibition theme:

“The showcase theme is taken from a concept by Deleuze and Guattari, found in their book, A Thousand Plateaus. Rhizome explores the idea of a rhizomatic network where various things come together to form connections. This network is free and heterogeneous – it is without beginning or end, always in the middle, ever moving and “becoming”. The rhizome model exemplifies the creative development of our Year 3 and Year 4 students, where new ideas emerge, take root and flourish.”


This exhibition will end on 20 May 2012. So do drop by!

Attempting Art: Perspectives

Hi everyone!!!

Something interesting has come up (well, not exactly the right phrasing). It is definitely something worth looking into, giving an additional, slightly cynical albeit interesting perspective to the arts, its practice and its place in the lives of the artist and the people around. Started only a few days ago, it is the work of one of my friends, with pictures compliments of yet another friend. I shall not disclose who they are or exactly what they do. All I will say is that they are both “indulging” in the arts with me (although the former would kill me for the use of that word). Nevertheless, it is something interesting that you readers should look into! Be sure to leave your perspectives and strike up a great and, possibly, heated debate with them!

To the site: Attempting Art

Be sure to visit!

School Of The Arts – Open House 2012

SOTA Open House is here again! This will be the third open house held in the new Zubir Said campus! There definitely be many performances and art exhibitions by the students of each faculty within the school – Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Theatre.

The SOTA Open House 2012 will kick start with the Open Symposium at 9am (there will also be an afternoon session at 1pm) that will introduce the structure of Singapore’s first pre-tertiary arts school and the International Baccalaureate to everyone. There will also be on-going campus tours, information about the various art forms, SOTA Talent Academy among other exciting activities and showcases throughout the entire day!

During the course of the Open House, Visual Arts final year student, Mabel Tan, will be in the process of creating an interactive visual arts piece, and she invites all those who come to view and participate! Just will be one of many visual arts pieces on display!

More details will be given at the end of this week!

But for now here is a short video of the school and our life as the SOTA family:

SOTA Homepage


Last day for the SOTA student photography exhibition!!! Do come down to SOTA Arts Gallery at level two of the school tot view really awesome and inspiring photographs taken by students from different art forms who each share the same passion for photography:

Milon Goh (Final Year, Theatre)

Chong Lii (Final Year, Visual Arts)

Lu Kejia (Final Year, Visual Arts)

Shawna Chia (Fifth Year,Visual Arts)

Jo An Low (Fifth Year. Visual Arts)

Alina Sin (Fourth Year, Music)

Lai Yu Tong (Fourth Year, Visual Arts)

Rebecca Lee (Fourth Year, Visual Arts)

Marcus Yee (Fourth Year, Visual Arts)

Hope that all those readers in Singapore at this time will be able to come for this amazing exhibition!

View the details at the following post: HIGHLIGHT

A peak at some of the shots that make up this exhibition: HIGHLIGHTS: Highlights