Too all those that have been following my site, I have to greatly apologize that i have not been managing the site as much as I used to. There have been many ups and downs and many falling-outs with my relationship with art. There have been many a dry spell, worse than I have ever felt in my whole life. But now… NOW is the time for a revival of many things and I hope to give this site a new lease of life, something that is different and fresh. I hope that this revival will define what art is to me. To revive the site and myself to be more than it ever was before.

I hope to be writing more, getting myself more involved and active in view the art world, not only the physical one that materializes the white walls and blank canvases of many of the physical landscapes that surround us, but also the binary world that you see, hold and grasp right now at your finger tips. Many things have changed with me over the past year, and many more things will change. I desire to bring myself back into the world of many truths and hopefully shift some paradigms that are beyond the canvas.

I now am serving. What you may ask? I shall not disclose. So bear with me in all I do and will be doing, for I am rusty around the edges and all the connections, sites, perspectives (critical or not) are greatly welcomed. I aim to become a “connection” in this avenue of the art world and I hope that all who read this, however little or greatly you are interested in what lies beyond the canvas, will comment, like, republish, criticize and ultimately befriend I, the artist in between two worlds. For here I am, I confess, I need your help. All. Mentors. Critics. Artists.


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