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I apologise that this blog is rather erratic at times and you guys just end up waiting and waiting for new post to come up but they just don’t appear. I am really really sorry for that. Let me get you guys up to speed on my situation and hopefully you’ll still come to my blog everyday and find something new in the same post that you see. I currently am in what my nation calls “National Service” – a 2 year “contract” with the armed forces to serve the country, compulsory for all males aged 18 and above. Therefore, this results me staying in a military camp for a greater part of my week, only to return home during the weekends rather exhausted. Even though I may not exactly be brain dead when I return home, my body pretty much is, and thus the lack of post on the site. So I am truly sorry and hope you viewers, readers, artists, etc. will understand my predicament.

Moving on from that point, I am here to present to you a post on my body of work from the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme spanning 2011 to 2012. These works revolved around my fascination of space, our control over in, be it in the gallery or in our everyday lives, and the way we perceive and treat space. Over the course of the next few weeks or so, I shall unveil my journey of discovery and thought processes as I sought to create works that defy and question what art is and break the convention of what we usually think certain mediums are. These photographs are from my IB portfolio, and rest assured they are all genuine and in no way plagiarised. If anyone desires to use my works as reference to their own projects or IB art, please, please comment or post just to inform me about what you are using it for and I would gladly allow it.

i hope that these  works will change your perception of the space around you and what art is. The potential of what you see and the things you touch are endless. But the most important thing that gave me this body of works was the openness of mind and to not take what we use and see for granted.


Peter Callesen: Papercut Sculptor and Installation Artist

For all those interest in intricate paper cutting and installations where paper is main, even sole, medium of the work, I give to you D
Papercut Sculptor and Installation Artist Peter Callesen! I believe that his works will greatly inspire all sculptors around through his immense skill to morph paper into literally any conceivable thing. Now to morph paper is not a simple task, and to those who have not heard of him before, I believe he will be one of your inspirations for future works.

We think of paper very much as a two-dimensional medium by both artist and viewers, rarely manipulated, rarely anything more than a canvas to be drawn but not morphed. We see clay, sand, even dough as malleable materials in art, to mould and morph, to take on the shape of what we conceive and desire people to perceive. but not paper. However, Peter Callesen is no such person. He has a great eye for detail and each cut he makes has a carries a degree of precision that, at times, seems beyond the humanly possible. There is an awe-inspiring beauty in each delicately cut out piece. It is something that is not bound by size, medium or colour, but rather skill and planning that brings forth such the potential of the overlooks medium of paper. Each creation tests the limits of the material, and each idea stretches the imagination of viewers.

Here are some of his works that have really inspired me, especially when I use paper and similar mediums. All my bottle works could be said to take inspiration for his collection of masterpieces.


He as been a great inspiration to me, particularly over these past few years when I needed to test the depths and limits of the material that we so often overlook.

His Website: Peter Callesen

(I do not own any of the pictures)

New News

I have some news tell all the readers of my small little blog. I will be updating you guys on all the missing things between my final exhibition and i Light Marina Bay in 2013. I hope this piece of news is welcomed by you guys and will inspire some those who are just starting out or those for SOTA (School Of The Arts, Singapore) to create works that test the conceptual limits of art rather than just be bound by the tactile perceivable realm of the arts.

I will be updating you with news of what is happening with me (whilst I attempt to get my artistic brain juices flowing again) and hopefully produces some works that are worthy of the standards of my former self. As I will not have access to the computer through the week, I hope that you will bear with me and not give up on what I am attempting to do. I hope that you can show your support by commenting on my blog through your computers, phones, tablets and all the electronic devices you have nowadays. I understand that this blog is still small, but I hope that it will serve as a sounding board for not only me, but all who read it, and that the news that I bring to you will give you a new perspective of what art is.