New News

I have some news tell all the readers of my small little blog. I will be updating you guys on all the missing things between my final exhibition and i Light Marina Bay in 2013. I hope this piece of news is welcomed by you guys and will inspire some those who are just starting out or those for SOTA (School Of The Arts, Singapore) to create works that test the conceptual limits of art rather than just be bound by the tactile perceivable realm of the arts.

I will be updating you with news of what is happening with me (whilst I attempt to get my artistic brain juices flowing again) and hopefully produces some works that are worthy of the standards of my former self. As I will not have access to the computer through the week, I hope that you will bear with me and not give up on what I am attempting to do. I hope that you can show your support by commenting on my blog through your computers, phones, tablets and all the electronic devices you have nowadays. I understand that this blog is still small, but I hope that it will serve as a sounding board for not only me, but all who read it, and that the news that I bring to you will give you a new perspective of what art is.


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