empty promises


I really have to stop making telling you guys that I’ll be posting things soon because, truthfully, I have been caught up is so much that I am unable to truly dedicate posts to my last two years of pre-tertiary education.


The good news is that I will be posting something this week (thank goodness for the long weekend) on some new things that I am looking towards, including my “comeback” to art. It is, to me, a start of coming back to my artistic endeavours. I will also be sharing some thoughts (mostly probably verbal diarrhoea) on what I hope to achieve in looking forward. This would include my arts, my future in college and hopefully in life.

I hope you guys have not give up on me and still support me, whoever you are. For those who have been a loyal audience to my site, I am thinking of selling some of the small bottled pieces as artworks, possibly as gifts to those who are looking for something a little different for people. Maybe those who read this can give me a little feedback of what they think, if i could possibly do it, pricing, etc.

Thanks for listening… Hope you stay tuned…


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