The Art Update: Erica Heng

So I’m back again (and trying to keep it a consistent weekly thing) with some extraordinarily exciting news for you!!! My ex-classmate from School Of The Arts, Singapore is carrying on her art practice in London!!! Now making it big out there on!!!

She was with SOTA during the initial years of the school as the school was just starting out and creating amazing art. However, after a few years, due to her parents’  career relocation, she had to leave for Manila, Philippines. But that has not stopped her from her art making and an awesome art making practice at that. She has come a long way and now, I am extremely glad to exhibit just a few of many works on my WordPress.

1904202_10204899481835988_8809065743889575688_n 10628359_10204739840085044_8415701456783850074_n 10703621_10205101155037692_2145274055441158043_n 10698596_10205110880960834_879002308463555767_n

She describes herself very much as a comic fan, taking inspiration from comics like Marvel’s X-men and Kickass among many others. Many of her drawings depict Marvel characters or people who have represented then in real life blockbuster movies, such as Robert Downey Jr., reknowned for his portrayal of Iron Man and X-men’s Mystique. As you can see, many of her works are extremely detailed, giving a lot of definition to each piece with each mark she makes (even though literal marks cannot actually be seen). For instance, the portrait of Robert Downey Jr, though simple, drawn with a few strokes, illustrates the subject matter beautifully and “succinctly” Each drawing carries with it much passion that speaks through the intimate blending of colours and the intricate textures created with the simple ballpoint pen, with great attention to detail. Most of her portraits are seen with a blank canvas behind, drawing focus to the subject matter that seeks to captivate audiences, in the hope of drawing them inward to the skill and detail. Now, sketches they may be, but for an “artist” such as I, a sketch can sometimes be greater than just a scribble or, well, a sketch. It can be a pivotal point of an artist’s process and deserves all the recognition it can get.

Other than these beautiful realistic drawings, she also has a passion for crafting jewellery, which she will be displaying at her exhibition in London, England . Also, you can purchase her works as prints on Society6 and Etsy (details and links below). So do support her in all her endeavours, an artist truly worth watching!!!

Here’s the awesomeness coming your way:

On Facebook

On Society6

On Etsy


Upcoming exhibition in London, 13 November 2014, so do drop by and support her!!! Details below:



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