Begin Again

I understand that it has been a while since my last post and once again I have to apologize for it. I know that for those who have been reading or popping by to check, I have been apologizing more than I have been writing about anything else. I begin at this odd hour before procrastination gets the better of me. This time, things are going to change.

To bring you all up to date of my current situation, I have just finished my military stint in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) – Army. Although some will say that serving in the military dulls the faculties of the mind, and I am not going to deny it, it has opened my eyes to new things and allowed me to learn to take things from a different angle. I have been blessed to travel to three different countries and view the marvellous scenery that is so often overshadowed by the concrete jungle. These experiences have allowed my eyes to soak up nature as what it originally was intended to be before being marred by human hands and capture it both in the mind as well as in photographs. Priceless moments that I will never forget spent with friends and brothers for life.

I hope that you will bear with me as I attempt to rekindle my artistic flare and journey to find the language and path that will express as vividly as possible my inner most thoughts and processes. So, journey with me to unveil what lays ahead.


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