The Art Update: “Teacher ah, can RE-submit this work or not….?”



  1. To submit again: “Teacher, can re-submit this work or not…?”

Before we embark on my Mediterranean Masquerade, let me bring to you the upcoming School Of The Arts, Singapore (SOTA) Visual Arts faculty exhibition – Re-submission!!! Opening on the 22 July 2015 at the SOTA Arts Gallery, this exhibition will span two weeks, feature practising art teachers from SOTA.

This time, the tables have turned. Held just after the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts interviews, you will see teachers scurrying around to set up their personal works in the short span of one and a half days for this special exhibition. Mind you, they will have to juggle between this and their busy teaching schedule, which just makes this exhibition all the more exciting!

Now it is the student’s turns to comment on their teachers!

For more information, scoops and current SOTA students’ opinions and anecdotes on their teachers,, visit the Re-submission Faceboook page here! But, no spoilers will be given!

Late nights, balancing the teaching and creating, the question remains – What will the teachers “re-submit”?

Participating artists:
Vincent Leow, Jason Lim, Tan Wee Lit, Thomas Cheong, Zainudin Samsuri, Adeline Lim, Clara Koh, Chen Zi Wei, David Gan, Wesley, Fang Siwei, Liao Jie Kai, Ong Hui Har, Yap Kheng Kin, Nyan Soe, Khew Huey Chian, Zen Teh, Tricia Lim, Lydia Wong, Leroy Sofyan

Instagram: @_RESUB
Co-curated by: Resub Team
SOTA Website


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