Greco Romano

Through the maze of city endless streets and winding alleyways…

The travel through and between cities was also an enlightening and amazing journey. The first seven days were mostly done on foot and via train (Frecciargento Trenitalia) and what I saw was truly breathtaking. Although most already know Italy and Greece for their amazing advancement in architecture and art from early on, what amazed me was their ability to maintain these sites in incredibly pristine condition. What is more, they have somehow succeeded in designing and building around these manmade marvels to integrate today’s modern comforts and culture. For instance, in the streets and alleyways near Soggiorno Oblivium, Florence (the hotel I was staying in), there was evidence of intriguing street art, in which one designer had cheekily changed the street signs with those that he had integrated stickmen into (seen in the gallery below), all of which could be bought from a shop along Via Della Spada (Mio Store) if one sought to bring home a piece of Italy or European street culture home with them. However, obviously European street art cannot exclude the infamous graffiti that still covers its countless square meters of train stations and under-the-railway-track walls, all of which, even without truly understanding their language or meaning, can been seen to carry a significant part of their writer’s heart and soul, their mark and voice for the generations to come.

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Now, cruising the Mediterranean we land on the shores of some of the many Greek islands – Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Athens, home to white washed town, clear blue waters and amazing panoramic sites. Most know Greece for The Acropolis, Agora of Athens, Ruins of Ephesus and Rhodes. However, among the ruins, the culture has developed many modern additions, attracting tourist from around the world. As the smell of souvlakis and kebabs finds its way into the nooks and crannies through the maze of streets, you can sense the modernity of Greece all around you yet, you also sense with it comes dash of ancient Greece in the mix. It is almost as if you can hear ancient history speaking through the city walls of Old Rhodes. Locals wear smiles, eyes filled with personal stories, eager to share. Streets lined with shops resurrecting artifacts of old so that you can keep a piece of Greece. Upcoming designers peddling their wares in quaint little shops carrying carvings and symbols from a Greece forgotten.

…sharing with us the art, heritage and culture from a Greece less travelled and long forgotten.

**Moving to USA for my studies!!!!!!** STAY TUNED


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