Writing in Images

This is just a short post to let all you guys know that i have another WordPress going for me. This is not part of my typical WordPress post although it is still art related.

For this semester in Purdue, my English course was tasked to so certain studies on both ourselves and a specific community we took interest in. These projects were all related to literacy and our personal reading and writing development. At this point, we were then tasked to “translate” this research into a webpage to share with others what we have learned about either the community or ourselves.

I do not know whether this press will be over when the semester ends, or if I will choose to pursue it further, but hopefully, like my other posts, it will inspire people to see the interconnectedness between the visual arts and the literary arts.

So, please do visit the site, leave comments and tell me if it was worth your while.

WritinginImages (Main page)
WritinginImages (About)


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