Chapter I: About

The exaltation of artworks | The inspiration for the creatively blocked | Promotion of Pieces | Mine or anyone |Visual or otherwise |

Feel free to comment and leave your ideas so that the world can develop as artists, designers, musicians, thespians, dancers, etc. and develop works that add to the culture of the world.

Currently an Engineering Student in Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA, who still has a deep passion for the arts. Majored in sculpture in School Of The Arts, Singapore (SOTA), but also am practicing design, photography, manipulations and installations.

Blessed with the opportunities to exhibit in the Singapore Art Museum 8Q in two school organised exhibitions, Abstractus and Delicate. Participated  in various public exhibitions such as the 2008 SOTA Arts Festival and the 2010 Art Showcases. Most recently installed a atmospheric light work at i Light Marina Bay 2012 in Singapore where I exhibited my work Tabula Rasa with over thirty reputable local and international artists and art collectives.

Do share your site and patronise mine!

Contact and Support me:
Facebook: Wan Kyn
500px: wanny225 (Prints)
Society6: thewanone (Prints, cases, skins, etc)
Pinterest: thewanone


5 thoughts on “Chapter I: About”

    1. Hi!

      Thanks! Most of my works are rather conceptual so if you’ve got any questions or comments please feel free to send em to me!

      Just curious but where are you studying?


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