From the Middle of the Cornfields

Coming from Purdue University in the Mid West state of Indiana!

Just to tell you all that I am alive and in the midst of diving into the deep end of college life. Things will get busy, but I will try my best to post my thoughts and updates on news from the art world from the middle of the cornfields. I also hope to continue my practice somehow, whether it is by simple conceptual sketches or miniature sculptures.

All that being said, for those that are in state and do not mind the commute, there are a few interesting exhibitions happening this fall in the university itself – Installation Graduate Class Exhibition, High School Student Art Exhibition and many solo exhibitions of Purdue Faculty (Purdue University Galleries). However, one that really caught my attention as soon as I arrive on campus was the exhibition right in the middle of Stewart Center, Ringel Gallery. What attracted me to this exhibition was the simple fact that it revolved around the concept of “space” which I have been exploring a depth during my IB years. The artists used physical mediums, such as paint and wood, as well as non-physical mediums, such as digital modelling and photography, to convey their concepts, experience with and exploration of space. So if you are an avid art lover, do make your way down to admire the works on display!

Got to get back to school work before it starts to pile up!!!