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A work that I just finished. Inspired by all the graffiti writers and graffiti works I’ve met and seen.

Soul of a work, any work can be seen in the final product. I hope it can be seen in this piece…


Space: Inescapable

This word could possibly be a foreword to my works that I shall be posting regarding the concept of “Space”. Now this is not space as in “Universe” Space, but rather all of the “emptiness” that we are surrounded by every single day that we often neglect. These works that are to follow will be more philosophical, tackling a rather huge concept that is hard to grasp, but something that we have to eventually as it is inescapable.

Touching Infinity

A picture that was taken by “fluke”. Taken on a flight back from Chicago of the Alaskan Cascades.

I did not really intend the composition to be such but somehow it came out this way. I know that I it is not really centered and if I had another chance to take this picture, I would have angled the camera up more such that I get more of the sky/space. That being said, it is really amazing to see what I took once I took the time to look at it. It reminded me of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s photographs of the World from Above. From her I actually better appreciated the majesty of the Earth, the planet that we live in. It inspired a sense of awe and if I had the chance to take more of such photographs, I gladly would.

Chan Wan Kyn

Hey everyone!!

Yet another one the “graffiti/tattoo” works that I did long time ago, in 2009 if I’m not wrong. It was to be my “signature”, but I realised that it was a bit too complex for me to redo. The words that have been hidden is my full name. As for the visuals, they are spontaneous and I just let my juices flow. Certain elements are still used in my drawings today, so I could say this was one of the works that led to my “style” now in my sketches and drawings. This is one of the works that I did long ago but am still willing and proud to display.

I shall be posting a “concept” drawing of my work-in-progress soon. It is similar to the “tattoo designs that I have done over the past few years, but more structured and abstract.